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Where would we be without emails?

Since 1971 when emails were first developed, they have become one of the primary ways we communicate today. With an average of 270 BILLION being sent DAILY worldwide it is hardly surprising that email security is a necessary consideration if not a mandatory requirement for any business.

It is still surprising then to find that many companies and businesses do not have any form of email filtering or security but simply rely on their users to delete emails that they think are bad. This is particularity bad as some users will open up emails and email attachments from unknown users and this then infects the PC and potentially the network. Your AV will help but it can only do so much.

At Shiloh we can offer you a FULL email security service for all your emails domains. This solution ensures that ALL your email traffic is scanned and Spam emails are filtered out. Our partner that we use are one of the market leaders in this sector with thousands of companies world-wide using their services.

We employ a 2-layer defence system, one cloud based operated by our partner and the other located in our SECURE data centre. Once your emails are filtered out for spam using various anti-spam techniques and trusted technologies they are then scanned for any malware or infections that might be attached to them. Once all these are complete the email is then passed to your local email server for delivery to your users, clean and safe.

We also do the same for your outbound emails. Instead of your server doing all the work sending emails, why not pass them over to us? We will scan all the emails sent from your network and then delivery these to their recipients in the safe knowledge that you are sending clean and safe emails to your customers.

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