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Network Security

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It is easy to overlook your network security, but in today’s world, the impact is a little further reaching than just stopping a hacker accessing your server.

What are your staff doing during the working day? – are they surfing the web, running their own business or just on Facebook instead of company business?

What about emails that are leaving your network? – do they contain sensitive information or are staff copying your entire customer list to a USB stick ready for their next job with a competitor?

Implementing a good network security policy allows your staff to work effectively and efficiently, wherever they are in the World whilst protecting the data they have access to, along with keeping you on the right side of the law.

Shiloh has in-depth experience with solutions that can protect and secure your network, whether you are just a few staff or running 100’s of megabits of traffic a second. Why not contact us today – we would be happy to provide a no obligation free overview of your current setup. (terms and conditions apply)

We are either partners with or have extensive experience with:-

Dell, SonicWALL, Trend, Juniper, Cisco, WatchGuard, Sophos, Symantec, Trend, Kaspersky and Firebrick amongst others.

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