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The Problem – Internet costs are a significant problem to multi site Small to Medium Enterprise businesses (SME’s). Internet connectivity is imperative for all businesses today. What happens, however, if a business has several sites who are businesses and profit centres in their own right, yet have a need to connect with other sites, who are part of the same organisation – seamlessly?

Well the traditional solution for large corporations is either a;

• PWAN – A Private Wide Area Network (PWAN)
• MPLS – Multi Protocol Label Switching

These solutions very often are cost prohibitive. Therefore, it would mean smaller businesses operating from more than one site would either have to invest significantly – with the trail of costs impacting potential growth or they would have to “tough things out” utilising a VPN – Virtual Private Network. A VPN is slow when considering modern software and its requirements.

The Solution

Shiloh has a good number of multi site SME’s and discovered that it was very difficult to provide them with the infrastructure and connectivity that they really required. To an IT company as progressive as Shiloh, the needs were clear, but the ability for even established businesses to spend significant sums was prohibitive at best and unqualified at worst. It all comes down to cost in the end and whilst we could see the requirement very often we could not get past the quote.

So again, Shiloh ahead of the game and its competitors developed a Private Internet Network (S.P.I.N.).

S.P.I.N. requires engineered hardware and developed software and when a customer joins they become part of their own “Private Secure Cloud”.

S.P.I.N. produces one IP address for all sites that are securely part of it. In other words, it creates one network a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional PWAN’s.

When Shiloh considered the competition, we could not understand why other suppliers had not developed the solution. The idea came as a “spin off” – no pun intended progression of S.M.I.L.E. Shiloh’s proprietary Multiple Line Exchange.

• All sites come from a single internet address meaning greater control
• Communication between sites is faster, full internet bandwidth rather than VPN bandwidth
• No need for costly routers at each site
• One monthly budgeted cost for the whole organisation

When combined with S.M.I.L.E., S.P.I.N. provides a blindingly fast, affordable, multi site cloud layer that has not been seen before.


  • S.P.I.N. is a fraction of the cost of a dedicated MPLS solution provided by standard Telecoms companies.
  • Inter-branch business can be conducted easily and quickly and normally not dependent on traditional Internet speeds.
  • S.P.I.N. – the affordable answer for multi site inter-connectivity for SME’s and larger!!
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