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Another big buzz word running alongside ‘The Cloud’ is Hosted Desktop, VDI or Cloud Computing. But what does all this actually mean and how does it benefit you and your business?

What is Hosted Desktop?

Shiloh Computers Hosted Desktop is just like a standard Microsoft Windows desktop that you would use on your PC. Instead of the settings, data and operating system being stored on your local office PC, everything runs from a server in our secure state-of-the-art data centre.

Each user is provided with their own Hosted Desktop that can be accessed from any machine or device with an internet connection. Users can access all of their files, data and applications from at home at a meeting with a client or even on the road. All your need is an internet connection.

For an IT administrator, all the files, user profiles and data is held in one location, regardless of where employees choose to work or how they access their desktop. Shiloh Computers Hosted Desktop also remedies other IT pains: any Microsoft software can be upgraded for free; users are protected from viruses; and files are automatically backed up for disaster recovery.

Your business applications such as CRM, ERP, accounting packages and DMS applications can be seamlessly integrated to deliver a fully functional desktop. Users can access the applications they need and from wherever they need to work without the hardware limitations of the device they need to access it from.

What benefits does it offer?

  • Always available – your desktop anywhere, anytime

    Shiloh Computers Hosted Desktop allows staff to access their desktops over the internet using conventional PCs, Apple Macs or devices such as tablets, smartphones or thin clients

  • Reduced capital expenditure

    With no need to buy new PCs, servers or software licence upgrades, you are not continually investing in depreciating assets

  • Lower IT operating costs & Easier budgeting

    Less time is spent on managing and maintaining your IT system and you only pay for what you use. Fixed monthly pricing makes costs predictable.

  • Safe, secure and resilient

    Secure logon using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services protocol encryption, and the ability to restrict a user’s access to specific files, folders and applications, Shiloh Computers Hosted Desktop offers a highly secure service.

  • Integrated applications

    Hosted Desktop uses customer dedicated virtual servers to run customer specific applications. This ensures that applications are secure and can interact with each other, for example, toolbars for CRM applications can be integrated into MS Office as they would be on a Windows PC.

  • Latest technology

    By using the latest Microsoft software, your are able to focus on more strategical tasks that add value to the business.

  • Centralised data

    Instead of having important data spread across multiple computers, it is held centrally on the Hosted Desktop environment. No more time wasted trying to locate that important document.

  • Flexible & Collaborative working

    With the ability and availability of being able to work from home, studies have shown that this increases staff loyalty, morale and productivity, and can help in recruiting from a wider geographical area as daily commuting is eliminated. You may also see improve productivity by sharing documents, folders and calendars across your business with great ease and flexibility.

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