At Shiloh, we are surprisingly different. Computers can be frustrating things – especially when they do not work as you would like them too! Add several to a network with printers and Wi-Fi and a deadline and many people think that is a recipe for disaster!!

At Shiloh Computers, our business is keeping your business running – smoothly!

We are a solutions partner who specialises in providing IT solutions and web marketing. Our specialities are the motor trade, charitable organisations and SME businesses with typically up to 250 employees.

Focusing on your business and your unique requirements Shiloh works to achieve a solution that provides the best value for your business. IT Support, Networking, Print Solutions, IT Security, Telephony, Cloud and Hosted Services are all available so that you can find the solution your business needs today.

No More Frustration

Frustrating, time consuming or expensive, these are phrases which are frequently associated with IT. Shiloh aims to change the way you think about technology whilst working to provide you with a value for money solution.

It is from this ethos, combined with what our customers tell us that leads us to believe that we truly are surprisingly different.

If you are concerned with ensuring that your business gets value for money from your IT solution whilst minimising costly downtime due to unreliable solutions Shiloh Computers are the perfect IT partner for your business.

How good are we? Well, we have been around for 30 years, have offices in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, UK and Brisbane, Australia. We are also proud of our partner list. This includes Microsoft, Apple, SonicWall, Cisco, HP, Dell, Trend, WatchGuard, Barracuda to name but a few!

So whether you are considering Microsoft Office 365, a new telephone system or you have an IT support need, then call us – you will not regret it!!

Managed IT Services