If you are worried about the security of your network, you may have read these headlinesNetwork Security - Shiloh Computers

…. Hackers recently broke into payment systems at several northwestern U.S. restaurants and food service companies via a remote access account belonging to one of their vendors.

…. Authorities may have finally pinpointed the source of the massive Target security breach that allowed hackers to swipe the credit and debit card information of up to 40 million customers. So who’s the culprit? One extremely unfortunate HVAC maintenance man.

But you may not have thought they could relate to you.  Often we spend so much time focussing on stopping people getting in to our network, that we forget about the contractors and service companies that we use.  Generally these vendors need simple remote access to our network and we turn to remote access applications that avoid difficult firewall changes, as they originate their connections from within your secure network.

Does this pose a risk?  Of course it does.  You are now at the mercy of your contractors and service companies.  Their security may not be as good as yours – the password to your Teamviewer, or Logmein account, may be stored on a piece of paper, or just saved in their browsers cache for ease of use – as soon as that password is known, access to your network is quick and simple.

Don’t get caught out – seek advice today if you think you could be vulnerable to compromise from the access you have given out sourced companies.  There are ways to make things more secure, yet simple and we are here to help.