Shiloh specialises in providing website design and marketing solutions.

Does it seem as if your business website is not performing as you would like it to? Perhaps you would like it to provide your business with more leads, or maybe you don’t feel that it currently reflects your professional corporate image?

To get the most out of your website Shiloh will provide you with a focused approach which ensures that all elements of a successful website are comprehensively covered.

Focused Design and Position

When working with you to create a focused business website Shiloh will ensure that your website reflects your corporate image whilst achieving your business objectives. We will work with you to understand who your target market is and what design is going to appeal to them the most. When working with Shiloh everything from the font style to the images used is specifically selected to realise your websites potential.

Online Marketing

To further enhance your online presence Shiloh can offer you a comprehensive range of online marketing campaigns designed and managed by our team of professionals. The strategic online marketing Shiloh  can offer your business includes single e-shot campaigns, ongoing e-shot campaigns, banners, linking strategy and search engine optimisation (more below)

Attracting Visitors

Your site will be designed by our team of creative designers, written and coded by our professional developers and optimised by our SEO experts. When combining these three skill sets you are able to drive traffic to your website which helps you maximise your website traffic and realise your websites potential.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We start by working with you to understand what your target market is searching for and what keywords they are entering into the search engines. We then build upon this foundation by creating proven SEO specific text, which when combined with specialised SEO coding allows your website to be found significantly higher in the organic search rankings. To compliment this Shiloh are able to provide your website with a fully managed Google Adword or Bing Campaign (Pay Per Click) – (see further information below)

Google Adword and Bing Campaigns (Pay Per Click)

By working with you to develop a list of keywords and phrases that your target market is searching for Shiloh is able to drive traffic to your website from day one. In addition to this your fully managed  campaign comes with comprehensive reports outlining exactly how much you are spending on clicks, what words and phrases are being searched and clicked on and how much of your daily budget is being used.


By having access to information about visitors to your website you are able to accurately measure the ROI your website is providing. Combine this with continuing focus on your business objectives allows your business to fully make the most of its web presence.

Shiloh can provide you with information about:

  • Number of visitors to your website (both new and returning)
  • Traffic sources to your website
  • Time spent by people on your website
  • Click through rate on your website
  • Landing and leaving pages

Whether you need a single page web presence of a full ecommerce site make Shiloh your choice for your next web project