Shiloh Computers provides a wide range of internet access products to suit your organisations needs.  Each connection is tailored to your needs and is provided through our own controlled and managed network.

With full control over ADSL, Bonded ADSL, FTTC, EFM and leased lines we can create customised networks at a budget busting price.  If you have a number of locations that you would like to link together to create a private network, then now is the time to make use of these cost effective services.  If you are looking for a more personalised solution, then please give us a call – 01746 240 000

A product best suited to small offices and locations that don’t have a great need for increased upload speeds.  The maxium speed that can be achieved (depending on locality) is 24Mb/s download and 2.5Mb/s upload.  Shiloh Computers utilise the TalkTalk Business network and the Vodafone (used to be Cable and Wireless Worldwide) networks to deliver the final part of this service, which is then brought to our datacentre space in Cheltenham

Bonded ADSL
Located in areas where you have poor connectivity speeds, bonded ADSL can help increase these speeds, but coupling multiple ADSL connections together.  For most customers, increasing their upload speed to allow for services like VoiP and Office 365 are key and this is the perfect solution.  We generally can bond up to 4 connections, which can be ADSL or FTTC, to give you both improved performance and resilience.

Fibre to the Cabinet, is the next incarnation of ADSL.  By moving the termination equipment closer to your property, the overalls speeds that this technology can achieve are vastly increased.  There are a number of variations of this service, but in general you will get up to (depending on location) 80Mb/s download and 20Mb/s upload, which makes this product ideal for larger businesses and those running VoiP and online services.

Ethernet in the First Mile, is an entry level permenant connection that does not involve dialup technology, like ADSL and FTTC.  This copper based solution bonds multiple physical standard phone lines together to create an effective leased line product, with a 6 hour fix time.  This product is distance and location based but carries the same upload and download speed and is therefore suited to businesses that totally rely on online connectivity.  In most instances the maximum speeds that are achieved are 20Mb/s download and 20Mb/s Upload.

Leased Lines
These permenant solutions are based on physical fibre optical cables being delivered directly in to your property.  These connections are not shared with anyone else and are dedicated for your use and come with a 4 hour service level agreement.  This service gernally is for those businesses that are series about their connectivity and have a longer term plan to reside at their current location, as contract terms are generally 3 years and installation can take around 90 days.  This service is not distance dependent – speeds of beyond 1Gb/s are obtainable, but delivered speed is often related to cost.

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