We all rely on the data we keep – documents, images, emails, videos and the list goes on.   Getting the right data backup strategy can be confusing, often complicated and in most instances if it runs the restoration process is never tried and tested.

Shiloh Computers understands that often one solution will not fit all and there needs to be some versatility in what is on offer. Backups need to be fast and effective and as a result we have introduced two products that we believe will meet both your data backup needs and your budget.


For many it is the individual files that people want to keep backed up. They want to be able to restore deleted files and also restore previous versions that may have been over written. There are no servers at the customers site or if there are they are just file servers.

The Shiloh Computers DataVault service is a totally hosted solution where files are replicated to our servers using a client installed on your Windows or MAC device. The stored files are available for viewing, download and restoring, through the same client application, Web Browser interface and iPhone/Android Application. They are instantly accessible from across the world and are all securely stored in our data centre space in the UK.

This solution is ideally suited for organisations that have less that 200GB of data to backup.



If you are looking for a robust full onsite and offsite backup solution that is tried and tested by thousands of companies and will allow you to store up to 7 years of data securely in UK datacentres then this service is for you!

Deploy a marketing leading backup appliance, managed and supported 24/7 by Shiloh Computers, to your site today and immediately start receiving reliable and restorable backups – full email by email backups of your Exchange setup along with full support for MS SQL, Sharepoint, VMWare and Hyper-V.

Data is securely encrypted, de-duplicated and compressed making the most use of the backup space the onsite appliance carries. This data is then instantly or on a schedule uploaded to the offsite space, where again it is further de-duplicated and compressed.

Let’s face it restoring hundreds of gigabytes of data takes a long time, especially if it is over the internet, just to find that one file you need. Our service allows you to browse in realtime to the data and restore just the files, folders or databases that are required. Restoring just a single file has never been so easy, even within Hyper-V VHDX files can be obtained instantly through the web interface, both from the appliance the offsite storage.

This solution is ideally suited to organisations that require full server backups and have larger volumes of data.



DataVault Barracuda Backup
Best suited to organisations with – Less than 200 GB of data to be backed up Requirement for onsite appliance with offsite storage
Licensing Costs All Licenses Included All Licenses Included
Onsite Appliance
Support 8×5 (Mon – Fri) 24/7
Backup standard files (documents, photos etc)
Backup Microsoft Exchange ✔full brick level
Backup Microsoft SQL
Backup Microsoft Sharepoint
Backup VMWare instances
Backup Hyper-V Instances
Restore deleted files ✔(up to 90 days old) ✔(as far back as 7 years depending on defined policies)
Restore previous file versions ✔(up to 8) ✔(as far back as 7 years depending on defined policies)
Software agent to install
iPhone/Android Application
Web Browser Access
Bandwidth rate control



DataVault Barracuda Backup
Total Storage Setup Monthly Setup Monthly
50 GB £25.00 £25.00
100 GB £45.00 £45.00 £200.00 £120.00
150 GB £65.00 £65.00 £250.00 £140.00
200 GB £85.00 £85.00 £300.00 £160.00
250 GB £350.00 £180.00
300 GB £400.00 £200.00
350 GB £450.00 £220.00
400 GB £500.00 £240.00
450 GB £550.00 £260.00
500 GB £600.00 £280.00
600 GB £650.00 £300.00
700 GB £700.00 £320.00
800 GB £750.00 £340.00
900 GB £800.00 £360.00
1 TB £850.00 £380.00


We can provide a wide range of customized solutions for our customers and can tailor a package to meet your needs.