Sometimes we need to step back or climb up higher to be able to look down at a problem and find the right route to navigate through the challenges we face.  This is especially true when it comes to your IT help desk and the general computer issues you may be facing.  As humans we work better together and being able to draw on a pool of knowledge is what creates great solutions.  We are never meant to carry the weight of problem solving on our own.

Shiloh Computers draws on the knowledge of those who have been in the industry a good long time (even before the internet existed) coupled with fresh new thinkers with experience of quickly developing products, services and solutions.  With experience in a great number of IT specific areas, Shiloh is able to help you formulate your requirements, implement the solution and assist with the support and ongoing deployment as needed official website.

Our key areas of IT help desk expertise are:-

Network Security
Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, Data Loss Prevention, Desktop Forensics, Cloud Security, Secure Remote Access, BYOD (Bring your own device) policing, Anti Virus/Anti Spam

Cloud Computing
Virtualisation (Microsoft Hyper V), Hosted Voice, Web hosting, Domain management, Ecommerce Hosting, Disaster Recovery, Onsite and Offsite Backup

Desktop and Server Support
Microsoft based products (XP, 2000, Windows 7 & 8, Office etc), Windows Server 2000 – 2012 R2, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server

Switching, Routing, Datacentre space and onsite comms, IP PBX and Wifi installations

We are partners with some of the world’s leading vendors including:-

Dell SonicWALL

If you are looking for a fresh perspective, give us a call – 01746 240 000