Moving your infrastructure to the cloud is not always a simple change, yes it will probably save you money in the long term, it will certainly give you flexibility, but you need to know all the facts before you start on this journey this post.

Shiloh have been hosting customer cloud solutions for years (before it was referred to as the cloud!) and understand that each customer is unique.

We don’t use Amazon, Microsoft or Google out sourced solutions, we build an infrastructure that meets your requirements on our own equipment, right here in Australia.

We believe having your own personal “cloud” makes it easier to comply with certain data retention laws, PCI Compliance, ease of access and the knowledge that the product will work the way you want it to.  Don’t get forced in to working with technology the way other people think you should do it.  It is your business so why can’t you work the way you choose?

We can tailor our service to give you the flexibility you require for your workforce, whether they be office based or mobile/home workers, backed up by qualified engineers and 24/7 support.  A custom solution is affordable and offers you greater personal service, so why not give us a call and chat through your requirements today.