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Leased Line Installation @ Holt Mitsubishi

Holt Mitsubishi (Holt Mitsubishi), a successful Mitsubishi Dealership already had internet connectivity provided through Shiloh Computers. Their existing connectivity comprised of: 1 x Shiloh 3 Line S.M.I.L.E bond for their DMS connection (S.M.I.L.E) 1 x Standard ADSL for internet and email connectivity ADSL was used as up until recently there was no facility for faster connectivity …

Don’t Just Get A Firewall!!

We all hear the news, Shellshock, Heart Bleed, Crypto Locker and more, but we have a firewall installed right – so why worry? I guess if your first response is, “we don’t have or don’t need a firewall”, then you have already started down the path of a network compromise at some point in time. …