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What We Do & What Can We Do For You

Your Local Support and IT Service Provider

What We Do

At Shiloh, we work to allow you to use your IT systems and be supported every day. No more do you have to experience the frustration or hassle associated with an unreliable solution or support partner.

Shiloh will work within your available budget, understanding that IT is an operating tool, not a cost consuming priority.

We are able to provide reliable, value for money solutions whilst working closely with you to develop a relationship based on understanding. Nearly 30 years experience has taught us that working this way is by far the most efficient way to maximise the value you receive from your IT solution.

What Can We Do For You

Like any successful organisation, your focus is probably on researching, understanding and implementing all elements of your business. If you are like our existing customers you probably view your IT solution and its support as a tool for your daily organisational operation that can either improve or detract from productivity and profitability.

If you are concerned with ensuring that your business gets value for money from your IT solution whilst minimising costly downtime due to unreliable solutions Shiloh could be the perfect IT partner for your business.

Shiloh’s experienced team will take control of your IT solution from installation and implementation to support and training. Shiloh aims to provide a fully managed IT support solution that is tailored to suit your businesses requirements and budget.

Our skilful team of trained Microsoft, Cisco, SonicWALL, HP (amongst others) promise to speak in plain English and not to talk “Klingon” (the language that many techies speak!!).

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